I’m still a black human being just a powerful man of God, that has my feet on top of every enemy that hates the love that my father gives out 2 his people and his children that walks and the path of righteousness, my strength and light comes from the Lord. We all are different and many ways I’ve been in Streets, jail, Clubs, Smoke, and Drink before So I would never hold judgment on no one. I do believe that no one on earth is perfect not even me. So this Life that I live today been blessed. I can proudly say I learn from my pass mistakes and experiences with no regrets to move forward given God Glory and Praise. So I stand on my beliefs in God words that my life will be a blessing 2 help other make changes in their life. In the Spirit I ask my father to continue to use me, keep my heart with understanding and Pure. For Jesus Salvation

The spirit of my life is my legacy that has been done and accomplish by the Grace of God almighty. The power of Jesus has transformed me into the image of God as one 2 go through a suffering for self-control, patience, and a character that will help me fulfill my destiny and every purpose on earth killing my flesh. To walk in the spirit for what I was created and call to do with God by faith. All things work together, for the good only for those who love the lord. He will build my character that connects with the Holy Spirit and drive me closer to Blessing and success for my self 2 give 2 others. What’s in me is Jesus salvation of all his promises that’s located in his word (The Bible) the anointed of God’s Power is on my Life 2 be a messenger and give messages of truth to people that’s poor struggle broken hearted suffering with pain seeking God’s face and Kingdom. The gift of my talent will spread throw out the world, giving human beings answers from the father in heaven from the truth of

YR Entertainment Music Group A life In God movement.

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