Itunes is the premier destination for digital downloads. They offer high quality DRM-free MP3s and command over 80% of the download marketplace revenue. Once your music has been finalized and approved for distribution, we’ll deliver it to iTunes™ within 2 business days! That delivery includes all iTunes™ stores worldwide, and your music will be available for download in full.





Seattle-based Amazon is the world's largest online retailer. Their MP3 store sells DRM-free MP3s to the largest audience anywhere. Amazon MP3 is the muscle behind MySpace Music, so if your MP3s are for sale on Amazon, then they will soon be for sale in the MySpace Music store.




Google Play

Google's new music site allows users to discover new music, share it with friends on Google+, and buy MP3 tracks online from any computer, tablet or android phone. Google Play users can also upload their music to the cloud for easy access across multiple devices.




Through their easy integration with Facebook, Spotify has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services. Customers in the US and Europe can stream their favorite artists using a free ad-supported version or by paying a monthly fee for Spotify's premium option.




Shazam is a hugely popular music discovery app available on smartphones. Music fans can use Shazam to identify the 'title and artist' of a song by putting their phone near the sound source while a song is being played. When you distribute your music with CD Baby, your music will be added to the Shazam database--making it easy for music fans to discover and buy your music using Shazam.




eMusic boasts the largest catalog of independent music and is the #2 digital music retailer. eMusic offers high-quality DRM-free MP3s to an ever-growing number of subscribers, with a stronghold on the 25 and older demographic.




Rhapsody made major waves with their subscription-based model. Key partnerships with Verizon, Yahoo! Unlimited, and iLike, to name a few, make the reach of their service unparalleled. Rhapsody has entered the permanent download market to complement their wildly successful streaming service.



MySpace Music

Popular social network, MySpace, has launched its own music store that allows fans to stream full-length tracks and buy MP3s (powered by iTunes™ & Amazon MP3). Once your music is available on MySpace Music, your songs can be added directly from the store to user-generated playlists where you'll be paid for every listen!




Last.fm is one of the world's most prominent on-demand streaming and online radio services. Through full-length previews and tailored-to-taste radio stations, Last.fm empowers listeners to discover new music they’ll love. Artists delivered by CD Baby are paid royalties for each and every full-length listen!



MediaNet (formerly MusicNet)

MediaNet is one of the biggest providers of digital music, calling upon a heavy-hitting list of distribution retailers. With domestic & international outlets, including the popular MOG service, Tesco, Moozone and many more, MediaNet places your music on a global scale.




With a presence in both Germany & the United States, Tradebit is a versatile online store that specializes in digital downloads. They offer high quality DRM-free MP3s to an international customer-base, along with detailed artist information.




One of our earliest partnerships, GreatIndieMusic remains committed to the music they are named for. With a large catalog of independent artists, customers have a great choice of DRM-free MP3s which are compatible with any desktop or portable device.




24-7 Entertainment, Europe's leading B2B technology provider specializing in online and mobile distribution of digital entertainment, powers major retailers including Play.com, Media Markt, Saturn, TDC PLAY, ExLibris and many more. CD Baby artists receive vast international exposure once delivered to 24-7's digital distribution network.




Established in 2004, 7digital is a leading digital media delivery company based in London and operating globally. They have exceptional relationships within the music industry and have a fully licensed catalogue of over 11 million tracks in MP3 format, giving 7digital one of the broadest MP3 reaches in the world.




iHeartRadio offers access to over 750+ radio stations nationwide as well as a DMCA-compliant personalized radio feature. You will be paid for plays on iHeartRadio through SoundExchange and not CD Baby.




Based in France, Deezer is a prominent streaming service that boasts 20 million users and registers 6 million unique visitors per month. A recent partnership with mobile heavyweight Orange has further extended Deezer's reach in France as the company also begins to look toward international expansion.




Founded in 2003, Omnifone is an independent provider of global cloud-based digital music services. It develops, licenses and manages scalable digital music services to enable partners, such as Sony Music Unlimited, to deliver cloud-based music services across virtually all connected devices. Omnifone's MusicStation platform, which underpins Sony's "Music Unlimited" and others, is now live in 28 countries and offers a catalogue of over 22 million tracks.



Sony Music Unlimited

With on-demand access to a global catalogue of 15 million tracks, personalised and ad-free channels, offline playback, and the ability to synch your existing music library for playback across all compatible devices (PC and Mac, Android(tm) smartphones and tablets, iPhone(r), iPod(r) touch, PlayStation(r), PS Vita, and Sony HDTVs, etc.), Sony's Music Unlimited streaming music service is the ultimate experience for true music fans. Powered by CD Baby's delivery to Omnifone, your music will be available in Sony's Music Unlimited service, one of the world's leading entertainment networks.



Muve Music

Muve Music is the first music experience designed specifically for the mobile phone — no syncing, no computers, no cords needed — ever. Discover and download music quickly and easily from Muve Music's catalog of millions of tracks right from your phone. With the ever-growing Muve Music song catalog, customers can choose from millions of songs featuring the hottest artists and new releases.

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