YR Entertainment Music Group


The Man Behind the Music Business 31 year old President/CEO, Entrepreneur, Icon, Poet, Song Writer, Author, Spiritual Motivational Speaker, Rap Star Ross Glover who grew up in a small town outside of Chicago called Maywood IL with a Desire 2 express himself through his Music. Speaking the Truth with Powerful Knowledge, Encouragement and Words of Faith to all Generations, to all Nations from his God given Gift. YR Entertainment Music Group is an Inspirational Gospel record company that has been Established by Ross Alexander Glover in 2008, his Mission is to keep Youth and every Human being with a Clear mindset of Guidance to Freedom and Peace in a closer Relationship with Jesus Christ to Fulfill every Dream or Goal to Success, with the Truth of Real life Experiences with God.

A Vision and Mission for GOD


Our mission is to stand for justices operate faith to save souls for the kingdom bring deliverance and the human spirit with Hope in the word of God. Sharing the Gospel  and Testimonies  through Music teaching all culture and today’s society that Jesus led a life that was completely obedient to God; something we cannot do regardless how hard we try through Our will power or by the level of wisdom. Everyone has sinned except Christ; He was perfect in love. This is only something God can be. Jesus performed over 23 documented and witnessed miracles over nature, overcoming death and powers of healing that have never been matched or done in the history of the world. Jesus had powers that only God could possess. He had the ability to predict the future as indicated in the book of Mark, verse 14:72 and the book of Matthew, verse 16:18. Jesus honored God throughout every event in His life. He was humble and gentle mirroring God's Spirit. This is further proof why Jesus is Lord. There is no other faith in the world that can provide the evidence that Jesus is the Lord. Jesus still lives in heaven at the right hand of God. We cannot see Him, but must rely on the documented facts and His message of salvation for all who believe in Him. When choose to place our faith in Jesus Christ and trust God, He has promised to secure a place in heaven for each of us.

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